90210 Season 3 Episode 1 – ‘Senior Year, Baby’

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As the title suggests, the 90210 gang is back from their various summer adventures, and we can’t wait to dive back in to the most ridiculous storylines present on a team drama. Shall we?

The gang strides back into school, where we learn of the departure of Principal Wilson, or Annie and Dixon’s dad, to some unnamed place ‘45 minutes away’ because their parents have now separated. All I can say is: damn. I never liked those dull arguing parents storylines, but I really wanted someone to have an affair with Dad. I mean, that was one hot principal. In a kind of Jack Sheperd way. Anyhoo…

We learn a few things pretty quickly. Annie finally got her butt over to the police station and confessed to the hit-and-run (not that it didn’t take you an entire SEASON to figure that one out, kid) and ended up with a summer on house arrest and probation for like 7 years on her driver’s licence. Now, I’m no lawyer, but she did, um, KILL someone. Wouldn’t you get more punishment than that? Anyway, Annie does her typical irritating whining thing for the rest of the episode, falling into Liam’s arms, making out, then being all “no! You were Naomi’s boyfriend! I won’t go out with you even though you’re the hottest thing ever to exist on the entire planet! Bye!” So instead she goes to an interview for some random internship, cries about the hit-and-run, and gets the job. Before you can say “wtf”, there’s (obviously) something fishy about this internship – we see the woman secretly calling someone saying that Annie’s “desperate enough to do it.” Do WHAT? Kill people?

Ivy and Dixon didn’t make it to Australia together, but Ivy did conveniently return with a handsome new guy called Oscar (who was her like childhood best friend and is now living with her family) with an AWFUL British accent. Now, as a Brit, let me take a moment to rant, please. It’s HORRIBLE.

Rant over. He’s really quite hot, and in love with Ivy, disrupting her and Dixon’s plans, yada yada yada. BUT the only interesting thing that happened there was (ok, Ivy and Dixon said they loved each other. Yawn.) was that this young hottie… is SLEEPING with Ivy’s MOTHER! Yes! As in having sexual intercourse with someone who is like really old! Um, ew.

On the Navid/Adrianna side of things, Adrianna has been touring with Havier all summer, who’s kinda a douchebag as he keeps trying to come onto her in their stretch limo, and when she doesn’t respond, declares she’s dropped from the tour and her career is over. Then she kills him. No, not really. Almost though – he is conveniently at that moment killed by a car crash. And so Adrianna steals his book of juicy songs. Only in 90210, people.

As for Teddy and Silver-snoozefest, Teddy is all upset because he hurt his knee in the earthquake (oh yeah, did I mention that? These events are so typical on this show I overlook them), so can’t really play tennis. Only he does, then REALLY hurts his knee so REALLY can’t play tennis. And gets mad at Silver. Yeah, what else is new?

The most interesting storyline was easily Naomi, who was recovering from her brutal rape at the hands of Mr. Cannon. She returns from an isolated summer to school right in time for the earthquake, where she is thrust into the arms of Mr. Cannon, making her panic as he was supposed to have left the school. This scares her so much she tries to report the rape… only to be told the chances him getting convicted are like nil and she’d have to go through an awful trial. This is the last thing Naomi wants, so to prove she’s “still the same Naomi as before” she does a drunken striptease for some random guys, until Teddy comes to kick them all out. Of course, Naomi puts her arms around Teddy, and THEN Silver decides to walk in. God, just leave, Silver. We’re left with the image of a despondent Naomi sitting in the bed in her underwear, with no idea what to do next.

An intense and ridiculous season premiere… just what we’ve all been waiting for. See you next week! (Maybe now Teddy will be ready to talk about his, um, secrets…)


Gossip Girl: Season 4 Episode 1 ‘Belles de Jour’

September 15, 2010 1 comment

Good morning, Upper-East siders, Gossip Girl is back! And now we can finally appreciate how much we’ve missed her. But let’s get down to business, shall we?

After that tumultuous finale last May that left us all reeling, we could see that Gossip Girl had a lot of work to do – S and B have fled to Paris to get over their respective men  using retail therapy, Nate has taken Chuck’s ‘little black book’ to get over his issues using sexual therapy, Dan is stuck in Brooklyn (what else is new) taking care of ‘his’ baby with Georgina, Jenny has fled to Hudson (good riddance), and Chuck has been busy getting shot on the streets of Prague (probably as a well-deserved punishment for having sex with the racoon-eyed Jenny. Like, talk about EW!)

We’ll start out with our two favourite Queen Bees, S and B, living it up a Paris. Well, almost. Blair is being her usual jealous self towards Serena, who is flirting with everything that has a pulse and French accent. S convinces B that her French amour will come, and B decides she just needs to get over the Bass-tard (who slept with the racoon-Humphrey, did I mention EW?!). It just so happens that that very same day, she meets a handsome young man who appears to be a member of the Monaco royal family, the Grimaldis, and he wants to take our B out to dinner. Surprised? Of course, B decides to bring S along too. Duh.

But because this is Gossip Girl, Blair finds out that her date is only the chauffeur and Serena’s date is the real royal. And if it weren’t such a petty reason we probs would feel a lot sorrier for old B. It gets even worse for her when she discovers S isn’t going to Brown like planned – instead, she’s going to Columbia, with Blair. (Well, duh. We can’t have the star of the show in another state.)

So Blair does a Blair-freak out, and ends up pushing S into a fountain because she wants to be somewhere where she won’t always be in Serena’s shadow. But Blair then discovers that actually, her perfectly kindly chauffeur date actually was the Royal Prince, and he had been testing her to see if she was just using him to go out with a Prince. Oops. Blair decides to beg for Serena’s forgiveness, blaming the whole thing on Chuck (a useful excuse. I mean, EW.), and of course S accepts. The two queen bees are united again. Almost.

As for Papa Humphrey, we discover he’s been keeping his little, um, son, a secret from everyone except for Nate, who is too busy having sex to really care. This little happy family of Dan, Georgina, and baby Milo have apparently been living together all summer until Vanessa turns up unexpectedly, spoiling the fun. “Georgina?! You can’t trust one thing that comes out of her mouth!” What? Our Georgie, lying? No, never. In fact, Dan is so trusting of his baby-mama, he hasn’t even taken a paternity test, although our favourite hottie-dork has been smart enough not to sign the birth certificate.

And of course our favourite troublemaker has some monkey-business going on (with the Russians…). She ends up crashing Lily’s little get-together wielding Milo and is all “um, your son has a BABY.” Rufus and co are all “um, NO, he’s so not the father,” but Georgie has a super-convincing piece of paper proving that it is, in fact, Dan’s baby. So there you have it. Although Rufus for a moment seems to be the only sane person on the Upper-East side, advising Dan to do his own paternity test, as “this sounds like one of Georgina’s schemes” (YEAH IT DOES), but Dodo-Dan decides to sign the birth certificate anyway. And the next day Georgie bails on this baby-Daddy. With a passport and suitcase in tow. Leaving behind her child. Uh-oh.

Meanwhile, Nate has been doing his Nate thing that he seems to do every summer – have sex with lots of blonde women. Finally he meets someone resembling human instead of robot (at least vaguely), called Juliet, so they go for coffee together. But what the unassumingly  innocent Nate doesn’t know is that she’s  some kind of creepy clothing thief (and more robot-y than we realised), and even more psycho than that – she has weird stalkerish photos of the G-Gang tacked up on her wall, along with a computer screen open to Gossip Girl… has the infamous secret source been revealed? (My guess is not, but hey, that’s just me.)

Finally, onto the final piece in our puzzle, the Chuck. Lily has just found out that… his dead body washed up in Pairs. Oh, no! As in, no, not really. He was shot, and lay dying on the streets of Prague. It was pretty touch-and-go there for a while… we weren’t sure if he was going to make it… but thankfully Fleur Delacour from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was conveniently on the scene to nurse the Bass back to health. Oh, and randomly take him to Paris. Suprise!

That’s all for the gang tonight… see you next time, XOXO

LOST Finale – Redemptive and Satisfying, Or Holy-Shit Frustrating?

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I’ll admit, after the episode ended I said out loud: “What?” As in – “what just happened?” I felt violated and cheated. I felt like it had all been for nothing.

Then I received that beautiful gift of perspective, and I really began to think.

 This show ended with the reason we started watching – the characters who were on this island in the first place. Once I understood that the flash-sideways world was essentially the meeting place (or purgatory if you will) for them to all accept their deaths and move on with the most important people in their lives, something felt really redemptive about it.

That said, I do sympathise with people frustrated with the lack of answers. Here is a list of the six questions I really would have liked answered:

What was with the fertility issues on the Island?

This was one of the major plot points that we never understood. Now that we’re free to speculate until the end of time, here’s my theory. I guess we’ll never know whether it’s right or not.

As Jacob said to Kate – “you became a mother”. That’s why he crossed her name off the wall in the cave. I’m going to choose to believe that Jacob made it impossible for women to conceive and give birth on the Island as a way to prevent mothers from destroying the possibility of his candidates assuming their roles.

Why was Walt special?

This was a plot point that probably would have been answered had Malcolm David Kelley not grown “like eight feet tall” as Jimmy Kimmel put it. Which is a shame, because Walt and the Others were a major plot point for the first season – and the way it was dropped frustrated a lot of Losties.
Why did Ben not recognize Sayid as the guy who shot him when he was young?

Miles asked this question in season 5, which is why I was so sure it was going to be answered. The only explanation I can think of is when he was taken by the Others to be healed he was “changed”, and his memory was somehow wiped out as well. (But really? Yeah, I’m not convinced either).

Why wasn’t Sun flashed back in time to Dharmaville after the Ajira flight?

The only explanation I can come up with is that maybe she ultimately wasn’t a candidate – ie not the right “Kwon” – after she had her baby. Hence only the candidates were flashed back – but then there’s that damn Kate. Maybe Jacob hadn’t had time to cross her name off the wall when she got flashed back?

What was up with the Ben-Widmore feud?

Maybe if I really re-watch each episode carefully it’ll become clearer because I’m just not paying enough attention. But I never fully understood the feud between them, and Widmore just kind of . . . died in the last episode. After all the lying that we’ve seen, are we supposed to take everything he said at face value? Who knows.

The Goddamn Numbers

‘Nuff said. I’m going to go back to banging my head on the wall and seeing them everywhere I turn.

Okay, so we’re not going to ever know the answers to these questions. But surprisingly, it’s not going to kill me. I think what’s more important is the way LOST has sparked philosophical debates, and I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future it’s studied to spark discussion. LOST made us ask questions like about destiny, choice, human sacrifice, the afterlife, connections with others, fate, flaws, and more.

For me, I essentially fell in love with this show because of its characters and the journey they have taken us on – in the way that we saw their flaws and saw them overcome their fears. It ended showing us how they overcame these things and found happiness all gathered in a cathartic and beautiful way. It showed us that the simplest theme of the show – the way the Island brought together and tore apart these characters – really was the fundamental theme of the show.

There was no point being invested in the mythology of the “why?” of Locke regaining the use of his legs unless it affected the character and his journey. Ultimately, this show was about life and death, destiny and fate, and human lives and meaning. I think the finale summed it up perfectly. So we don’t know everything about the Island. We don’t know every detail about every Egyptian symbol or time-travelling experience. But isn’t it somehow better that way? I don’t think I would have been satisfied with a simple explanation for everything. Instead, we got the explanation of WHY all that had been in the first place – a way to explore and finally bring these characters together at the end of their journeys. I definitely think with a little perspective, people will embrace the finale more and learn to love the show and the journey it took us on.

We’ll miss you LOST, more than you can know.

And we’ll see you in another life, brotha.

GOSSIP GIRL – Predictions for Tonight’s Finale *Spoilers*

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Gossip Girl – although critics are (rightfully?) saying this season hasn’t quite been up to par, tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl is undoubtedly a hugely anticipated finale by its fans.

We’ve had Ausiello saying that the episode is “really, really good” (http://ausiellofiles.ew.com/2010/05/10/gossip-girl-season-3-finale-spoilers/), and a certain UK ITV promo stirring up, well, let’s say, emotional responses from fans.

(Promo below).

Apparently the promo’s been pulled from ITV after the GG creator intervened saying that it ‘misled’ fans. I can see how this is a distinct possibility – all of it looked like it could have been wildly taken out of context. But still.

Not only this, but Ausiello’s delivered some juicy spoilery details to leave us fans guessing before tomorrow. Here are my predictions based on his reveals – let’s see how they match up after tonight!

  • Threesome – All I can say to this one is: ‘WTF’ and ‘OMGG’. With a conspicuous lack of Hilary Duff to fill in withDan and Vanessa, my mind is blown for who it could be. My imagination, no, but my logical brain… OK, fine. If I had to guess I’d say Dan, Georgina, Serena. No wait – Dan, Serena, Blair. No wait – Nate, Serena, Blair. No wait – Nate, Dan Serena – ah crap, I give up. But first guess = Dan, Georgina, Serena. (Yeah, Georgina’s actually coming back. I’m not just making that up.)
  • Departure – Easy – Little J. Just take a look at my previous article: No worries, though, she’s only off to boarding school for a little while. She’ll be back in the flesh next season by November sweeps.
  • Mini time-jump – WTF does this even mean? Are the characters going to be flashed to the future? No, because then Jenny couldn’t come back from boarding school next season. Flash back for Lily/Rufus (again?) I don’t think so – been there, done that. Who knows.
  • Engagement ring! – with Serena’s Dad – aka AthinVersionOfAlecBaldwin out of the picture, my theory of proposal to Lily is out the window. Nate to Serena seems only logical to me – or in a seriously twisted world, maybe Blair/Chuck.
  • Shooting – I don’t know, but for some reason this screams Nate to me. There have been a few rumours of him leaving (yeah, like that’s ever going to happen), but I don’t know… I’d guess either him or Chuck. My money’s on Nate.
  • Birth – Dorota’s baby. Duh.
  • Shocking OMG! Twist – OK, maybe not but… Blair-Dan, Blair-Dan, Blair-Dan please.
  • A pair of spectacular Jenny smackdowns at the hands of Blair (Leighton Meester never better!) – Yeah like that was never going to happen this season.

Let’s see if I’m right tonight . . . and let’s see what Gossip Girl has to say about it.


LOST – Theories and Speculation after ‘The Last Recruit’

May 3, 2010 3 comments

My current theories after seeing ‘The Last Recruit’:

It seems that everything in the Alt world – ie some of the most fundamental principals about the characters (primarily everyone who Jacob touched) – seems to be the complete opposite as on the Island. Let’s take a close look:

  • Hurley is lucky
  • Kate is innocent (unconfirmed, but she does keep saying that, and she never denied her guilt in the real world)
  • Sun and Jin are not married (where Jacob touched them)
  • Sawyer isn’t a conman – he catches conmen
  • Jack has no particular opposite – but it’s worth nothing the parallels between him being so calm at operating on Locke with a split dural sac and his story of panic in the Pilot. He also has a son in the alt world – which I think is really significant.
  • Sayid isn’t with Nadia – which is when Jacob touched him
  • There seems to be some obsession with mirrors – reflecting the differences in Alt World/Island World

So it seems there are a lot of parallels with the way Jacob touched some of the candidates, and their lives. In the alt world, I think we can assume that he hasn’t touched them, which has resulted in their lives actually turning out better than they did in the real world. Kate wasn’t told to stop stealing, so she actually didn’t steal, Sawyer wasn’t given a pen to keep writing his letter, so he let go of his rage and did the right thing, Sun and Jin weren’t touched at their wedding so they never got married. Jack, Hurley, and Sayid still have yet to be seen how they tie in, but I’m betting that in the end, they’re going to have a choice – do they choose the life of the Island and Jacob, or do they choose their other lives.

Who is ‘The Candidate’?

The Candidate – for me, I have to say I’m thinking it has to be Jack. I think he is the only one who has always shown the right principles, and has always been such an important character in the series. Jack has always been the leader of the survivors, has had the highest episode count and flashback count, and was the first person we ever saw in the series.

There is also a strong biblical connection. Jack’s last name is ‘Shephard’, just as Jesus was called a ‘shepherd’. Psalm 23 is the one which says: ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’. Jack’s candidate number is 23 – interestingly, the only prime number out of all the numbers. The date of the series finale is also the 23rd of May. Jack’s father is Christian Sheperd – parallels to Christ? Jack performs miracles (Sarah). There is also the question of his name – is ‘Jack’ a nickname for something – like John or Jacob?

That said, I still think Jack’s son will prove to be extremely significant when the timelines meet.

Who Is Jack’s son’s mother?

The fact that we still don’t know this makes me think that it’s someone significant – and I’m willing to bet it’s Juliet. Her and Jack did have that thing for a bit, and she’s definitely resurfacing at some point this season. I’m just surprised she wasn’t Sun’s baby’s doctor, but maybe she will be in future.

Sun Speaking English

Okay, so that was like a totally cheesy moment when she suddenly gets her ‘voice’ back. But the significant thing for me was that she immediately was able to speak again as soon as she is away from the MIB. As mentioned, ‘as soon as you talk to him, you’re on his side’, or something to that effect, so maybe Sun being unable to speak to the MIB was the Island’s way of protecting her. This would reinforce an argument for her being a candidate.

Who Is The Random Boy?

Why, in the two different times we’ve seen the boy, has he changed so dramatically – from blond to brunette, and visibly older too? My explanation is that he parallels the MIB and Jacob in dark and light – in the same way that David (Jack’s son) and Aaron (Claire’s son) do. We could possibly see David and Aaron as being the next Jacob and MIB, the natural successors of the Island – although David may be solely in the other timeline, there’s no reason why Jack couldn’t have had an unknown son in the Island timeline too.

And Vincent?

We haven’t seen much of our favourite Golden Retriever this season… or Walt. But I’m sticking with my gut that somehow, even if it’s not until the last minute of the final episode, Vincent’s going to be important. No dog that survives that much crap on this Island, seeing the things he must have seen, can’t be significant. And remember this mobisode  (below)? How significant is that?

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LOST – The Last Recruit – Recap

So, what did everyone think of ‘The Last Recruit’? Definitely one of the more frustrating episodes, in that there was a lot of standing around and talking but not really doing anything, as has been frequent this season. Not that this made it bad, by any means. Right here I’m recapping the story, tomorrow I’ll post my thoughts, questions, and theories.


On the Island:

  • The two ‘bands’ of survivors merge (excluding Richard and Ben, who go off to do their own thing)
  • MIB reveals to Jack that he impersonated his father (and has always tried to help him), also informing him and Claire of their relation to each other
  • Zoe, Widmore’s physicist, threatens to blow up everyone up (with a handy demo) if MIB doesn’t give Desmond back. Of course, they don’t know what she’s talking about, as she never mentions him by name.
  • Sawyer decides to betray MIB, and steal the boat (The ‘Elizabeth’) he was supposed to bring the MIB for the confrontation with Widmore, taking the core group of survivors. Claire tags along (despite being ‘nuts’ as Sawyer says), declaring herself once and for all with the Losties, and not MIB.  
  • MIB orders Sayid to kill Desmond. We still don’t know whether he has.
  • On the boat, Jack decides they aren’t supposed to leave the Island like the MIB wants, and jumps off, running straight into MIB’s arms in time to be blown up by Widmore’s associates. After saving him, MIB sinisterly declares: “You’re with me now.”
  • Sun and Jin are reunited, with Sun’s ability to speak English returning (miraculously)

In the ‘Alt’ Timeline:

  • Locke is rushed to the hospital after being pummelled by Des, who terrifies an injured Sun, also in the hospital for her gunshot wound (her baby is fine).
  • Sawyer interrogates Kate at a police station, where it is revealed he let her go in ‘LA X’ because he didn’t want anyone to know why he had been in Australia.
  • After being shown a surveillance pic by Miles of Sayid leaving the scene of Keamy’s destruction, he arrests him leaving Nadia’s house.
  • Desmond (somewhat creepily) persuades Claire, who is on her way to an adoption agency, to visit his lawyer, as there are many loopholes in adoption (or something)
  • There, Ilana turns out to be the lawyer, and introduces Claire to Jack, her half brother
  • Jack (and his son) can only stay for a little while, as Jack has an emergency surgery at the hospital – that surgery is, of course, on Locke’s injuries from Desmond’s crash.


Hope this recap’s refreshed your mind – see my article tomorrow for my nuggets, questions, and theories.

Glee: The Power of Madonna – Review

April 25, 2010 5 comments

Power of Madonna

Despite completely disregarding the plot in the favour of a themed episode,  the cast of Glee pulled off Madonna’s numbers with unsurprising vigour and flare. Although we saw Quinn with a conspicuously absent baby bump, numerous cringe-worthy “female empowerment” talk efforts from Mr. Schu, the fairly painful plot device of the still-virginal Emma being told by Will yes, she is officially crazy and needs help (well, she did run from his house with no shoes on), and a definitely major-cringe moment of the boys singing “What It Feels Like For A Girl” around the piano discussing exactly what the song title suggests (which should definitely become a deleted scene on the DVDs), I still liked this episode. A lot.

Because this episode was supposed to be different (it did involve twice as many musical numbers as in a regular Glee episode), I think I can find it in my heart to forgive the show for its more ridiculous (and lack of) plotlines. I find that Glee is at its best when it’s ready to make fun of itself and not take itself seriously, which I definitely saw in this episode (note the blasting of Madonna throughout the school corridors because Sue is blackmailing the principal even though he didn’t actually sleep with her. Seriously, it’s stuff like this that I just lap up.)

The story loosely follows that it was revealed the girls in the Glee club are feeling extremely put-down by the misogynistic attitudes of the boys, and are in desperate need of a little Madonna female-empowerment dose.

What followed was an episode of pure musical fun. Taking matters into their own hands, Rachel, Emma, and Finn (who’s like basically a girl anyway) decide to lose their “V-card” to their various significant others, namely Jesse St James (total bad-boy. Oops, you didn’t see that one coming?), Will, and Santana. Simultaneously revealing to us what transpired to each of them that night with Madonna’ s “Like a Virgin” helpfully playing in the background to remind us what we are watching (but don’t get me wrong, I smiled for every minute of it), it is revealed who carries through with the deed. Somewhat grossly undermining the entire concept for the episode, the only one to actually lose the Big V is Finn, the male in the situation. Hmmm…

As far as the less-important plot developments go, Artie and Tina are pretty much back together (am I the only one who actually finds Artie just a little bit creepy? No? Ignore me, then), Sue’s parents were Nazi hunters (I just love it when they throw stuff like that in, and you’re like ‘WTF’?), Mercedes and Kurt join the Cheerios because they don’t get enough solos (although that was only a matter of time. And I have to say, I thought it was the most Madonna-assed move of the entire episode), and Jesse St James transfers to McKinley High permanently (or until it’s discovered that he’s a mole for Vocal Adrenaline. Oh, no, did I just reveal too much?)

Anyway, you know that with wonderful performances (read: Sue Sylvester’s Vogue music video), amazing voices, the cast just couldn’t go too far wrong. That’s not to say the episode didn’t have its issues, but, so long as this was only  a special and we’re back to actual plots next week, I think we can safely say that the ‘Power of Madonna’ indeed did make us that much more Hung Up on Glee (and yes, I did throw that joke in).

Catch Glee on FOX Monday’s at 9.

Spoilers on the Lady Gaga episode coming up (um, yay!), Jenny’s absence on Gossip Girl, and Grey’s/Vampire Diaries below.