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Spoiler: Surprise Pregnancy – Is it on House?

March 28, 2010 2 comments, TV Spoiler God, recently made a post about a shock pregnancy on a hit hour-long drama that’s “totally unexpected” and from a show with a “rabid following”. Needless to say, this has led to a freak out on the internet. It’s easily the most-talked about post with over 1,400 comments.

Recently, Ausiello also tweeted that it is on one of these 9 shows: Grey’s Anatomy, House, Bones, Chuck, Gossip Girl, Smallville, NCIS, Glee, or Lost.

So who the hell IS it?

After banging my head against the table for a couple of minutes, I read through a few of those 1400 comments, and decided to think about it rationally.

It’s not Lost (not returning in the fall), it’s not Glee (already done the baby thing twice this season), and I’m guessing it’s not NCIS, Smallville, or Chuck, only because they don’t seem to have as insane fans or featuring on Ausiello’s blog, and Gossip Girl doesn’t seem to be realistically be fitting a baby into any of their storylines – plus they’re not popular enough to warrant such a huge spoiler.

But the last three – the Big Three – Bones, House, and Grey’s are definitely the frontrunners. Why? Easily they are the three most heavily featured shows on Ausiello’s column, and they also have the most enthusiastic fans out there.

For me, the show that’s standing out is House, with Bones in second. Shonda Reimes confirmed that there would be no Mer-Der baby back all the way back in January on Grey’s, and I think it would be a stretch for them or anyone else in the cast to be preggers – they kind of already did the baby thing this season with Mark’s daughter. On Bones, the only one I see this happening for is Brennan, (Angela’s not big enough for this spoiler) but it’s also unrealistic – I mean, if Brennan can’t work, where’s the show?

Which brings me to the cream of the crop, House.  No show gets as much attention on Ausiello’s column, and no show has as rabid fans. Everyone’s first guess would definitely be Cuddy – with new bf Lucas, she looks set to add another to her brood. But there’s just one problem – she’s way too obvious. Plus isn’t she infertile?

Next up is Cameron. After leaving, it would be a way to bring her back  next season (which she is already confirmed to be doing) – and there could be a debate over whether it was Chase or House’s baby. But I also think that would be really obvious, and not at all the best storyline for her character.

Which leaves… Thirteen. I’mnot one of Thirteen’s biggest fans – I hate the way she took everyone’s screen time, has melodramatic storylines, and is generally super annoying. Which really to me makes her only a more likely candidate. Think about it – she would be totally surprising, and no-one would know who the father is –  Foreman? Or dare I say it… Chase? Plus, due to the character’s somewhat unpopularity, and fact that technically her and Taub’s fellowships are up , it may give the perfect excuse for her to take some time off – so in that respect, maybe I would like it to be true. And it wouldn’t be the first time an Ausiello Shocker Blind Item has been about House (Kutner f

But whatever happens, you know it’ll be talked about here.


GOSSIP GIRL – Are Manhattan’s Elite Losing Their Spark?

March 21, 2010 4 comments

What’s Happened To The Upper-East Side?

Admit it, we’ve all watch it at least a couple of times. Gossip Girl, that ridiculous teenage drama based on the bestselling trashy books by Cecily von Ziegesar, follows the “scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite” – ie beautiful rich kids with New York as their playground. What more could you want?

Only loosely following the plot of the novels, Gossip Girl attracted a huge teenage following, both in the US and beyond. Stars like Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, and Chace Crawford all contribute to make the show the amazing guilty pleasure fest that it is.

But what’s been going on lately? I know that I’m not the only one feeling that maybe GG is losing her touch. I’ve had a lot of people commenting that this third season seems to be off a little.

Maybe it’s their exit from Constance. Something about this college setting (a college none of them ever seem to attend) just doesn’t do it for me. I miss those pleated uniforms, headbands, and yogurt on the Met steps. Remember that epic field hockey fight between Blair and Serena? Or Dan’s affair with Miss Carr? That was compelling television.

Or maybe it was Blair and Chuck’s final union in the season 2 finale. My sister told me that she’d never been happier about a TV show than when Chuck finally told Blair he loved her. But, as much as it may pain me to say – a happy couple is dull to watch. Admit it to yourself. Chuck and Blair have ZERO spark now. And wtf is up with him and his mother? Seriously, how bored are you of this storyline? I miss the old Chuck Bass – the one who didn’t dress/act like a 50 year old and said stuff like: “Because I’m – Chuck Bass.”

What this show needs is to have its life injected back in it. Everything always seems to be about relationships, relationships, and relationships – two of them get together, go out, have sex, break up. Then they move on. I think it’s high time some of them were single for a little while, and the writers could think of some stories from there, before they actually run out of pairings. Because now that they’re done with school, Gossip Girl has nothing to keep it grounded – which is not good news for inspiring storylines.

The only solution I can see is a Blair/Dan hookup.

But I guess I’ll keep my reasons for that for another article…