House: The Shipper Wars

April 23, 2010 70 comments

I have to say, I was pretty surprised by my responses to my review of ‘Lockdown’. I received a lot of angry comments about my view of Cuddy that episode, along with many accusations of being a ‘Hameron’ (despite my lack of ever mentioning Hameron) and being told I was too judgemental, bashing Cuddy… etc. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised, because, as many long-time House fans know, “shipping wars” are a huge feature of the show.

 (Before I receive too much hatemail for this, I’d just like to emphasize that this list is what I view to be a very basic chronological order, and only details those relationships which affect House himself.)


The Hilson relationship is often defined as the core dynamic of the entire show. The concept of Hilson is so firmly embedded into the show because from the very beginning parallels were supposed to be drawn between “House” and “Holmes” and “Wilson” and “Watson”, and indeed the entire show is loosely based on the Sherlock Holmes idea. House and Wilson’s “bromance” is dysfunctional and one of the strangest friendships ever seen on television, but the off-beat connection between these two men is staggeringly fascinating to watch. Their witty dialogue, childish pranks, yet poignantly touching scenes really make this shipping pair a truly unique one.

“Hameron”                                                                           Hameron, once one of the largest fanbases in the entire House saga, has a devoted following. The Hameron relationship consists of our show’s anti-protagonist, the gruff, older mentor Dr House, and his young and beautiful yet hopelessly naive colleague. Once the golden “it must happen” couple, the word “Hameron” is now used mainly as an insult towards anyone who displays even a slightly un-Huddy or Cuddy view, despite whether or not they actually support the couple. Despite Cameron’s departure midway through season 6, Hameron fans refuse to give up hope that their “eye sex” defined relationship will possibly one day progress into something more concrete, as Cameron’s exit was a shock felt throughout the House community.


Huddy is undoubtedly one of the current driving forces of the show, and the fascinatingly antagonistic relationship between Lisa Cuddy and Gregory House has always been a core part of the show’s success. As a high-powered career woman, Cuddy is left to deal with House’s illegal, immoral, and sexually harassing antics – which means that the sexual “frenemy” tension between the two is often sizzling with heat. Huddies are currently one of the most vocal and dedicated fanbases, and many agree they usurped the power of the Hameron around season 4, although their chemistry has been present ever since The Pilot and many have been rooting for this ship since the very beginning.

In the beginning the show took a much more Hameron-centred view, exploring the possibility of an amorous relationship between House and Cameron, especially in season 1 with Cameron’s crush. Their obvious feelings of mutual attraction were a completely different feel from the Huddy attraction, with Hameron renowned for its long, intense looks, whereas Huddy more for its witty banter. After roughly three seasons of an on-and-off Hameron focus, the ship eventually seemed to give way to the Huddy arc, which has dominated for the last few seasons, after moving on from a power-play with major sexual tension to a more possible romance. I don’t think Hilson has changed much, as it is solely a brotherhood, and unaffected by House’s romances.

So – are the writers going to continue down the Huddy path? With the departure of Cameron, it seems a distinct possibility, although you never know – fans could get sick of Huddy if they get too happy or boring. Many fans already feel that the writers have made Huddy more into a childish soap-opera, while others feel it is only just starting to reach its full potential.

Thoughts? Who do you support? Who do you hate? Who do you think is never going to happen? And who do you feel must?


Dan/Blair: Why it Should (And Could) Happen

April 20, 2010 9 comments

Find yourself laughing out loud at my suggestion? (And no, not in a lol! kind of way). Well, if you’re a serious GG watcher, I would stop now. You might be surprised.

Dan and Blair are one of the few couples that still have yet to be explored, and while some of you may currently be gagging from where you sit, hang on.  There is definitely still much to come from this chemistry-filled pairing.

I know you’ve secretly been feeling a little something-something from them this season – especially recently. For me, this couple has been destiny ever since Dan and Blair had a heart to heart on the floor of Eleanor’s studio (remember? After Blair has been rejected from her own photoshoot?) Dan talks to her about their feelings, and they seem to understand each other in a way that only two polar opposites could.

Blair: Serena sent you here to talk to me?
Dan: No believe it or not I actually came here myself.
Blair: Normally I wouldn’t be this close to you without a tetanus shot.

This is the perfect example of why Blair and Dan’s “frenemy” chemistry would lead to the perfect relationship. Their quick wit and biting comments have just the spark to keep any duo alive.

Here’s my ideal scenario. Blair, still mourning over the loss of Chuck, falls into the arms of an unassuming Humphrey. Although she’s horrified with what she’s done, she just can’t seem to resist, and the two of them carry on a secret affair, under the noses of everyone – and maintain in public their intense disdain for each other.

Why would this work? Well, Blair and Dan’s best scenes have always been the ones with their red-hot chemistry that is somewhat undercover. Take a look at this scene from last season – were the writers already sowing the seeds for some potential action between the two of them? Who knows.

With the arrival of last episode, I know that some of the scenes between Blair and Dan sent the GG fanworld abuzz with rumours of a hookup – or a desire for one. Is it a real possibility in the future? GG creator doesn’t rule it out:

“There are only so many combinations [you can explore] on the show, so I think you have to be open to all of them at some point. So, certainly, we have an open mind when it comes to them… Those two are really gold wheDan and Blair - dan-and-blair iconn they’re together. They have great on-screen chemistry.”

I couldn’t agree more. And with the finale apparently delivering two “OMFG!” moments, we just can’t wait to see if Dan and Blair get up to something behind the scenes.


Can’t handle the wait? Check out for some Blair/Dan fanfiction.

House – 6.17 – Lockdown Review

April 20, 2010 82 comments

This much-anticipated episode left House fans feverish with excitement for Hugh Laurie’s directorial debut and Jennifer Morrison’s return. But did the episode live up to its hype?

For those of you who haven’t seen it, Lockdown was not your typical House episode. Instead of even having a patient this week, the entire hospital has gone into, well, Lockdown, because a newborn baby is missing.

As unrealistic as this scenario may have been (I mean, what if someone were dying or something? Nobody can leave their room to help them? Sheesh), it was an interesting, if not overdone idea to force the characters to interact, as they were locked into these rooms with each other.

Wilson and Thirteen play a game of ‘Truth or Dare’, which was somewhat funnier than it sounds, as there were a few amusing moments including Wilson getting caught stealing a dollar bill from the cash register, although these were marred by Thirteen’s usual dark, dark secrets and antics. Wow she’s deep. And apparently a total liar about everything – thanks for learning nothing about her character. I guess she’s been forced down our throats so much these past few seasons there’s nothing else to tell.

Foreman and Taub, locked in a storage room, try some of House’s vicodin, and look through each others’ confidential files. I have to say I  did enjoyed the comic relief they provided, and found their scenes to have chemistry, despite the astonishingly fast rate they somehow stopped being stoned, and the predicticality of House’s prank with the files.

Cameron returns to Chase with divorce papers and after an emotional argument about whether she ever really loved him they have some breakup sex. I’m making this sound far worse than it was, because I did find their story to be one of the most interesting – especially considering the actors’ history (I mean – god what if that actually happened when they broke up for real? Awkward…). Anyway, I was glad to see the return of Cameron, and really this episode just made me wonder even more why they ever let her go. I’m definitely thinking she’s going to be coming back full time in the future, as Jennifer Morrison did some phenomenal acting, and really does seem to be a part of the House world. Even though her reasons for breaking up with him were so unrealistic it would have been better for her to just admit the writers fired her because FOX needs to cut budgets and Olivia Wilde’s more famous, this was what they chose to do.

House was left to talk to a dying man (never happened before on House. Ever.) Obviously, this brought on yet another – ‘gosh, let’s talk about my feelings’ conversation – which, I’m sad to say, I found the dullest of them all – and I never find House’s scenes dull. But House’s feelings have been way overdone this season. Like seriously.

Finally, we had Cuddy. Let me begin by saying that Cuddy is possibly now one of the most irritating people in the entire show. Not only does she wear way too much makeup, but she seems to now be impersonating her beau Lucas by playing detective and magically recognizing that there are too many towels in the patient’s bedroom and magically deducing from there that the baby is in a laundry hamper. Right outside the room. That they somehow forgot to check. I mean, seriously, what is with this hospital? They can have helicopters and sniffer dogs, but can’t find a baby 30 feet from the patient’s room? Well, I guess it was some sort of super-human baby that never cries. Despite being basically smothered for three hours.

So you can see I was disappointed.

Surprised? Maybe. This isn’t the first House episode to have a different feel to it – every season there’s usually one that just stands apart from the rest slightly before the finale. (But a third episode with no medicine? Really? Are they running out of diseases or something? Apart from this magic diesase of “absent seizures” Genius!Cuddy diagnosed). But for me, this episode only reminded me further of why House just isn’t the show it used to be, and I kept having images of the episode Three Stories popping up in my head. This just didn’t even come close to comparing.

To me, it felt rushed, unsubtle, with a poor solution and poor character developments, and it makes me sad that people thought it was so great. I’d say a run-of-the-mill season 1 or 2 episode is better quality for the dialogue and character development, but that’ just me. We can only hope for a shocking season finale. That doesn’t involve this “Huddy” crap. Yeah. Dream on.

Agree? Disagree? Think I’m barking up the wrong tree? Or think House is ‘jumping the shark?’ Comment below, or hunt me down.

Gossip Girl – SPOILER ALERT – Where’s Jenny…?

April 14, 2010 Leave a comment

According to my absolutely favourite TV-spoiler-God, Ausiello, it seems that Little J will be MIA from Gossip Girl next season.

Apparently it’s for “creative reasons”, and has something to do with the supposedly “major” finale this season – according to a source down by the set: “you’ll see that we’re doing something VERY big with her character.”

So what’s up with Little J? Is she gone forever? Ausiello tells us this is for an “unspecified” number of episodes, which does seem to imply that she’s coming back. But the even bigger question is – will we even care?

Jenny is undoubtedly extremely annoying this season, but I have to say, I’d be surprised if the show were dropping her. (Despite how much I hate that straggly bleach-blonde hair). But speculation about next season aside, what Ausiello fails to report are some of the more, let’s say, unreliable sources spanning the internet about Little J’s “very big” event this finale.

Here is what an anonymous source sent to this website: (

                “Hi, I would just like to inform you that Gossip Girl filmed in my school, St. Francis College.

                “They filmed the season finale over a two day period and used one of the lounges as a waiting room, the school chapel, and a part of the larger lounge as a hospital room.

               ” Eric and Dan were involved in the storyline as well as Serena. I’m positive that it has something to do with a pregnancy because decals were up in the room that they were taping indicating that “so and so” donated a wing to that particular maternity ward.

                “I am 100 percent sure this is the [show] doing that bombshell storyline.”

Thoughts? This could be totally fake, but there is a possibility it’s true – and is it Jenny? This would surely be a big storyline, and the people most likely to be involved in a Jenny-hospital (pregnancy?) storyline would be Eric, Dan, and Serena. And some sort of fiasco landing Little J in the hospital could put her out of action for a few weeks next season… and maybe even make me eat my words after my blind-item pregnancy spoiler speculations.

But whatever the heck is going on, you know you love it. XoXo.

Katherine Heigl’s Departure from Grey’s: Is She Sincere?

April 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Recently, fans of Grey’s Anatomy were shocked to see Katherine Heigl departing the medical drama and, well, not coming back.

Heigl’s contract was not due to finish for another 18 months, but after asking repeatedly to leave, the show’s creator, Shonda Reimes, finally let her go – despite the fact that she was scheduled to appear in the last five episodes of the season.

The media world was awash with rumours over Heigl’s sudden departure – with reports ranging from a mutual parting to Heigl just not showing up for work.

An interview with E! managed to clear up a lot of the confusion – and partially helped the shocked fans. I know that as a dedicated Grey’s watcher, I did feel that we deserved a little more than just a – ‘hey! What just happened there?’ storyline.

In Katherine’s interview with Ausiello, (which you can read in full at, Heigl appears to mainly be milking the new-mommy card, dressing uber-‘uncelebrity’ in “capri jeans and a purple cardigan, with her newly darkened locks pulled back.” She humbly goes through the interview, essentially apologizing for her controversial six years at Grey’s, and trying to explain why she just ditched the show and her fans.

Reading the interview, I have to say, I was only partially convinced. I have never been a huge fan of Heigl’s – she can come across as kind of obnoxious and ungrateful, at least to me. I mean, when you’re earning that much money and get to be a huge star, why would you complain? But she did, on Letterman back a few years ago about the “hours and storylines” (, and again, this year, in a huge scandal for the Grey’s production team. You can see the interview below – her big moments come at around 1:07.

The scandal with this interview was all because actually, the 17 hour day was supposedly down to her – allegedly, production had to reshuffle the times to accommodate Heigl’s busy schedule promoting The Ugly Truth. Hmmm… but apart from that, I have to say, the rest of the interview is rather funny, and she obviously has wit and intelligence – just maybe a bit of a diva attitude at times.

But despite how you might feel about Heigl, there definitely is a shift in feeling to the Grey’s cast without George or Izzie – although it’s not necessarily bad. Just different. What do you guys think?

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Fanfiction: Who, What, and Why?

April 1, 2010 1 comment

Fanfiction is a term probably not familiar to your casual TV viewer. But to the more obsessive ones of us, it’s a major part of our television viewing experience.

Put simply, fanifiction is a way for is the way for fans to release inner frustration and desire to just take the story into their own hands. What does this mean? Well, basically it means that thousands of budding authors who are obsessed with a TV show, book, film, or even play can upload their personal stories using those characters to websites where other fanfiction readers read them and review.

Sounds crazy? It is. The world of fanfiction is not your average internet site. These are not your average fans. They’re fanatical, weirdly knowledgeable about their shows, but also really, really fun.

As a fanfiction writer, I can tell you that fanfics can be much more therapeutic than ranting to uninterested friends about the way your favourite TV Show is going, or the crappy ending to a great book. We have the power. Finally, Blair and Dan can release their sexual chemistry in a “frenemy” relationship. Mr Schuster dumps Terry and goes out with Emma. Or Quinn. Or Puck. The best part of fanfiction is that it’s all there. Think you’re rooting for the most unlikely couple? I’ll bet you someone’s already written a fanfic about it.

The obsessive nature of fans meant that an entire world was born, complete with its own language and groups. “Shippers” describe fans who share a common interest of two characters getting together (ie you could say: “I ship House and Cameron”, etc.) “AU” means “alternate universe”, ie the characters from your inspiration being in a completely different universe –  if the Losties were all in high school, for example. “Crossovers” describe two worlds colliding – like if the peeps from Gossip Girl were hit by traffic and healed by the doctors from Grey’s Anatomy.
So what does all this mean? Well, for fans, fanfiction means hours of toil, sometimes abuse, and careful research to produce stories for no profit of their own. Despite occasional insecure authors deciding to sue (Anne Rice – grrrrr),  fanfiction writing has prevailed on, with no end in sight. So why do we do it? For me, fanfiction isn’t just about exercising my creative juices – that’s undoubtedly a part of it, but fanfiction is more than that – it’s fun. I can tell you firsthand it’s ridiculously rewarding to update your story with a new chapter and receive 30 emails of praise and begging for more.

Despite the fact I’m never going to meet these people in my life, I feel like they’re my family, and so for me, fanfiction writing is as much about community and learning from others as it is about writing stories based on some else’s creations. – unleash your imagination.

Spoiler: Surprise Pregnancy – Is it on House?

March 28, 2010 2 comments, TV Spoiler God, recently made a post about a shock pregnancy on a hit hour-long drama that’s “totally unexpected” and from a show with a “rabid following”. Needless to say, this has led to a freak out on the internet. It’s easily the most-talked about post with over 1,400 comments.

Recently, Ausiello also tweeted that it is on one of these 9 shows: Grey’s Anatomy, House, Bones, Chuck, Gossip Girl, Smallville, NCIS, Glee, or Lost.

So who the hell IS it?

After banging my head against the table for a couple of minutes, I read through a few of those 1400 comments, and decided to think about it rationally.

It’s not Lost (not returning in the fall), it’s not Glee (already done the baby thing twice this season), and I’m guessing it’s not NCIS, Smallville, or Chuck, only because they don’t seem to have as insane fans or featuring on Ausiello’s blog, and Gossip Girl doesn’t seem to be realistically be fitting a baby into any of their storylines – plus they’re not popular enough to warrant such a huge spoiler.

But the last three – the Big Three – Bones, House, and Grey’s are definitely the frontrunners. Why? Easily they are the three most heavily featured shows on Ausiello’s column, and they also have the most enthusiastic fans out there.

For me, the show that’s standing out is House, with Bones in second. Shonda Reimes confirmed that there would be no Mer-Der baby back all the way back in January on Grey’s, and I think it would be a stretch for them or anyone else in the cast to be preggers – they kind of already did the baby thing this season with Mark’s daughter. On Bones, the only one I see this happening for is Brennan, (Angela’s not big enough for this spoiler) but it’s also unrealistic – I mean, if Brennan can’t work, where’s the show?

Which brings me to the cream of the crop, House.  No show gets as much attention on Ausiello’s column, and no show has as rabid fans. Everyone’s first guess would definitely be Cuddy – with new bf Lucas, she looks set to add another to her brood. But there’s just one problem – she’s way too obvious. Plus isn’t she infertile?

Next up is Cameron. After leaving, it would be a way to bring her back  next season (which she is already confirmed to be doing) – and there could be a debate over whether it was Chase or House’s baby. But I also think that would be really obvious, and not at all the best storyline for her character.

Which leaves… Thirteen. I’mnot one of Thirteen’s biggest fans – I hate the way she took everyone’s screen time, has melodramatic storylines, and is generally super annoying. Which really to me makes her only a more likely candidate. Think about it – she would be totally surprising, and no-one would know who the father is –  Foreman? Or dare I say it… Chase? Plus, due to the character’s somewhat unpopularity, and fact that technically her and Taub’s fellowships are up , it may give the perfect excuse for her to take some time off – so in that respect, maybe I would like it to be true. And it wouldn’t be the first time an Ausiello Shocker Blind Item has been about House (Kutner f

But whatever happens, you know it’ll be talked about here.