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LOST – The Last Recruit – Recap

So, what did everyone think of ‘The Last Recruit’? Definitely one of the more frustrating episodes, in that there was a lot of standing around and talking but not really doing anything, as has been frequent this season. Not that this made it bad, by any means. Right here I’m recapping the story, tomorrow I’ll post my thoughts, questions, and theories.


On the Island:

  • The two ‘bands’ of survivors merge (excluding Richard and Ben, who go off to do their own thing)
  • MIB reveals to Jack that he impersonated his father (and has always tried to help him), also informing him and Claire of their relation to each other
  • Zoe, Widmore’s physicist, threatens to blow up everyone up (with a handy demo) if MIB doesn’t give Desmond back. Of course, they don’t know what she’s talking about, as she never mentions him by name.
  • Sawyer decides to betray MIB, and steal the boat (The ‘Elizabeth’) he was supposed to bring the MIB for the confrontation with Widmore, taking the core group of survivors. Claire tags along (despite being ‘nuts’ as Sawyer says), declaring herself once and for all with the Losties, and not MIB.  
  • MIB orders Sayid to kill Desmond. We still don’t know whether he has.
  • On the boat, Jack decides they aren’t supposed to leave the Island like the MIB wants, and jumps off, running straight into MIB’s arms in time to be blown up by Widmore’s associates. After saving him, MIB sinisterly declares: “You’re with me now.”
  • Sun and Jin are reunited, with Sun’s ability to speak English returning (miraculously)

In the ‘Alt’ Timeline:

  • Locke is rushed to the hospital after being pummelled by Des, who terrifies an injured Sun, also in the hospital for her gunshot wound (her baby is fine).
  • Sawyer interrogates Kate at a police station, where it is revealed he let her go in ‘LA X’ because he didn’t want anyone to know why he had been in Australia.
  • After being shown a surveillance pic by Miles of Sayid leaving the scene of Keamy’s destruction, he arrests him leaving Nadia’s house.
  • Desmond (somewhat creepily) persuades Claire, who is on her way to an adoption agency, to visit his lawyer, as there are many loopholes in adoption (or something)
  • There, Ilana turns out to be the lawyer, and introduces Claire to Jack, her half brother
  • Jack (and his son) can only stay for a little while, as Jack has an emergency surgery at the hospital – that surgery is, of course, on Locke’s injuries from Desmond’s crash.


Hope this recap’s refreshed your mind – see my article tomorrow for my nuggets, questions, and theories.