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Glee: The Power of Madonna – Review

April 25, 2010 5 comments

Power of Madonna

Despite completely disregarding the plot in the favour of a themed episode,  the cast of Glee pulled off Madonna’s numbers with unsurprising vigour and flare. Although we saw Quinn with a conspicuously absent baby bump, numerous cringe-worthy “female empowerment” talk efforts from Mr. Schu, the fairly painful plot device of the still-virginal Emma being told by Will yes, she is officially crazy and needs help (well, she did run from his house with no shoes on), and a definitely major-cringe moment of the boys singing “What It Feels Like For A Girl” around the piano discussing exactly what the song title suggests (which should definitely become a deleted scene on the DVDs), I still liked this episode. A lot.

Because this episode was supposed to be different (it did involve twice as many musical numbers as in a regular Glee episode), I think I can find it in my heart to forgive the show for its more ridiculous (and lack of) plotlines. I find that Glee is at its best when it’s ready to make fun of itself and not take itself seriously, which I definitely saw in this episode (note the blasting of Madonna throughout the school corridors because Sue is blackmailing the principal even though he didn’t actually sleep with her. Seriously, it’s stuff like this that I just lap up.)

The story loosely follows that it was revealed the girls in the Glee club are feeling extremely put-down by the misogynistic attitudes of the boys, and are in desperate need of a little Madonna female-empowerment dose.

What followed was an episode of pure musical fun. Taking matters into their own hands, Rachel, Emma, and Finn (who’s like basically a girl anyway) decide to lose their “V-card” to their various significant others, namely Jesse St James (total bad-boy. Oops, you didn’t see that one coming?), Will, and Santana. Simultaneously revealing to us what transpired to each of them that night with Madonna’ s “Like a Virgin” helpfully playing in the background to remind us what we are watching (but don’t get me wrong, I smiled for every minute of it), it is revealed who carries through with the deed. Somewhat grossly undermining the entire concept for the episode, the only one to actually lose the Big V is Finn, the male in the situation. Hmmm…

As far as the less-important plot developments go, Artie and Tina are pretty much back together (am I the only one who actually finds Artie just a little bit creepy? No? Ignore me, then), Sue’s parents were Nazi hunters (I just love it when they throw stuff like that in, and you’re like ‘WTF’?), Mercedes and Kurt join the Cheerios because they don’t get enough solos (although that was only a matter of time. And I have to say, I thought it was the most Madonna-assed move of the entire episode), and Jesse St James transfers to McKinley High permanently (or until it’s discovered that he’s a mole for Vocal Adrenaline. Oh, no, did I just reveal too much?)

Anyway, you know that with wonderful performances (read: Sue Sylvester’s Vogue music video), amazing voices, the cast just couldn’t go too far wrong. That’s not to say the episode didn’t have its issues, but, so long as this was only  a special and we’re back to actual plots next week, I think we can safely say that the ‘Power of Madonna’ indeed did make us that much more Hung Up on Glee (and yes, I did throw that joke in).

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Spoilers on the Lady Gaga episode coming up (um, yay!), Jenny’s absence on Gossip Girl, and Grey’s/Vampire Diaries below.


Fanfiction: Who, What, and Why?

April 1, 2010 1 comment

Fanfiction is a term probably not familiar to your casual TV viewer. But to the more obsessive ones of us, it’s a major part of our television viewing experience.

Put simply, fanifiction is a way for is the way for fans to release inner frustration and desire to just take the story into their own hands. What does this mean? Well, basically it means that thousands of budding authors who are obsessed with a TV show, book, film, or even play can upload their personal stories using those characters to websites where other fanfiction readers read them and review.

Sounds crazy? It is. The world of fanfiction is not your average internet site. These are not your average fans. They’re fanatical, weirdly knowledgeable about their shows, but also really, really fun.

As a fanfiction writer, I can tell you that fanfics can be much more therapeutic than ranting to uninterested friends about the way your favourite TV Show is going, or the crappy ending to a great book. We have the power. Finally, Blair and Dan can release their sexual chemistry in a “frenemy” relationship. Mr Schuster dumps Terry and goes out with Emma. Or Quinn. Or Puck. The best part of fanfiction is that it’s all there. Think you’re rooting for the most unlikely couple? I’ll bet you someone’s already written a fanfic about it.

The obsessive nature of fans meant that an entire world was born, complete with its own language and groups. “Shippers” describe fans who share a common interest of two characters getting together (ie you could say: “I ship House and Cameron”, etc.) “AU” means “alternate universe”, ie the characters from your inspiration being in a completely different universe –  if the Losties were all in high school, for example. “Crossovers” describe two worlds colliding – like if the peeps from Gossip Girl were hit by traffic and healed by the doctors from Grey’s Anatomy.
So what does all this mean? Well, for fans, fanfiction means hours of toil, sometimes abuse, and careful research to produce stories for no profit of their own. Despite occasional insecure authors deciding to sue (Anne Rice – grrrrr),  fanfiction writing has prevailed on, with no end in sight. So why do we do it? For me, fanfiction isn’t just about exercising my creative juices – that’s undoubtedly a part of it, but fanfiction is more than that – it’s fun. I can tell you firsthand it’s ridiculously rewarding to update your story with a new chapter and receive 30 emails of praise and begging for more.

Despite the fact I’m never going to meet these people in my life, I feel like they’re my family, and so for me, fanfiction writing is as much about community and learning from others as it is about writing stories based on some else’s creations. – unleash your imagination.

Spoiler: Surprise Pregnancy – Is it on House?

March 28, 2010 2 comments, TV Spoiler God, recently made a post about a shock pregnancy on a hit hour-long drama that’s “totally unexpected” and from a show with a “rabid following”. Needless to say, this has led to a freak out on the internet. It’s easily the most-talked about post with over 1,400 comments.

Recently, Ausiello also tweeted that it is on one of these 9 shows: Grey’s Anatomy, House, Bones, Chuck, Gossip Girl, Smallville, NCIS, Glee, or Lost.

So who the hell IS it?

After banging my head against the table for a couple of minutes, I read through a few of those 1400 comments, and decided to think about it rationally.

It’s not Lost (not returning in the fall), it’s not Glee (already done the baby thing twice this season), and I’m guessing it’s not NCIS, Smallville, or Chuck, only because they don’t seem to have as insane fans or featuring on Ausiello’s blog, and Gossip Girl doesn’t seem to be realistically be fitting a baby into any of their storylines – plus they’re not popular enough to warrant such a huge spoiler.

But the last three – the Big Three – Bones, House, and Grey’s are definitely the frontrunners. Why? Easily they are the three most heavily featured shows on Ausiello’s column, and they also have the most enthusiastic fans out there.

For me, the show that’s standing out is House, with Bones in second. Shonda Reimes confirmed that there would be no Mer-Der baby back all the way back in January on Grey’s, and I think it would be a stretch for them or anyone else in the cast to be preggers – they kind of already did the baby thing this season with Mark’s daughter. On Bones, the only one I see this happening for is Brennan, (Angela’s not big enough for this spoiler) but it’s also unrealistic – I mean, if Brennan can’t work, where’s the show?

Which brings me to the cream of the crop, House.  No show gets as much attention on Ausiello’s column, and no show has as rabid fans. Everyone’s first guess would definitely be Cuddy – with new bf Lucas, she looks set to add another to her brood. But there’s just one problem – she’s way too obvious. Plus isn’t she infertile?

Next up is Cameron. After leaving, it would be a way to bring her back  next season (which she is already confirmed to be doing) – and there could be a debate over whether it was Chase or House’s baby. But I also think that would be really obvious, and not at all the best storyline for her character.

Which leaves… Thirteen. I’mnot one of Thirteen’s biggest fans – I hate the way she took everyone’s screen time, has melodramatic storylines, and is generally super annoying. Which really to me makes her only a more likely candidate. Think about it – she would be totally surprising, and no-one would know who the father is –  Foreman? Or dare I say it… Chase? Plus, due to the character’s somewhat unpopularity, and fact that technically her and Taub’s fellowships are up , it may give the perfect excuse for her to take some time off – so in that respect, maybe I would like it to be true. And it wouldn’t be the first time an Ausiello Shocker Blind Item has been about House (Kutner f

But whatever happens, you know it’ll be talked about here.