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Gossip Girl: Season 4 Episode 1 ‘Belles de Jour’

September 15, 2010 1 comment

Good morning, Upper-East siders, Gossip Girl is back! And now we can finally appreciate how much we’ve missed her. But let’s get down to business, shall we?

After that tumultuous finale last May that left us all reeling, we could see that Gossip Girl had a lot of work to do – S and B have fled to Paris to get over their respective men  using retail therapy, Nate has taken Chuck’s ‘little black book’ to get over his issues using sexual therapy, Dan is stuck in Brooklyn (what else is new) taking care of ‘his’ baby with Georgina, Jenny has fled to Hudson (good riddance), and Chuck has been busy getting shot on the streets of Prague (probably as a well-deserved punishment for having sex with the racoon-eyed Jenny. Like, talk about EW!)

We’ll start out with our two favourite Queen Bees, S and B, living it up a Paris. Well, almost. Blair is being her usual jealous self towards Serena, who is flirting with everything that has a pulse and French accent. S convinces B that her French amour will come, and B decides she just needs to get over the Bass-tard (who slept with the racoon-Humphrey, did I mention EW?!). It just so happens that that very same day, she meets a handsome young man who appears to be a member of the Monaco royal family, the Grimaldis, and he wants to take our B out to dinner. Surprised? Of course, B decides to bring S along too. Duh.

But because this is Gossip Girl, Blair finds out that her date is only the chauffeur and Serena’s date is the real royal. And if it weren’t such a petty reason we probs would feel a lot sorrier for old B. It gets even worse for her when she discovers S isn’t going to Brown like planned – instead, she’s going to Columbia, with Blair. (Well, duh. We can’t have the star of the show in another state.)

So Blair does a Blair-freak out, and ends up pushing S into a fountain because she wants to be somewhere where she won’t always be in Serena’s shadow. But Blair then discovers that actually, her perfectly kindly chauffeur date actually was the Royal Prince, and he had been testing her to see if she was just using him to go out with a Prince. Oops. Blair decides to beg for Serena’s forgiveness, blaming the whole thing on Chuck (a useful excuse. I mean, EW.), and of course S accepts. The two queen bees are united again. Almost.

As for Papa Humphrey, we discover he’s been keeping his little, um, son, a secret from everyone except for Nate, who is too busy having sex to really care. This little happy family of Dan, Georgina, and baby Milo have apparently been living together all summer until Vanessa turns up unexpectedly, spoiling the fun. “Georgina?! You can’t trust one thing that comes out of her mouth!” What? Our Georgie, lying? No, never. In fact, Dan is so trusting of his baby-mama, he hasn’t even taken a paternity test, although our favourite hottie-dork has been smart enough not to sign the birth certificate.

And of course our favourite troublemaker has some monkey-business going on (with the Russians…). She ends up crashing Lily’s little get-together wielding Milo and is all “um, your son has a BABY.” Rufus and co are all “um, NO, he’s so not the father,” but Georgie has a super-convincing piece of paper proving that it is, in fact, Dan’s baby. So there you have it. Although Rufus for a moment seems to be the only sane person on the Upper-East side, advising Dan to do his own paternity test, as “this sounds like one of Georgina’s schemes” (YEAH IT DOES), but Dodo-Dan decides to sign the birth certificate anyway. And the next day Georgie bails on this baby-Daddy. With a passport and suitcase in tow. Leaving behind her child. Uh-oh.

Meanwhile, Nate has been doing his Nate thing that he seems to do every summer – have sex with lots of blonde women. Finally he meets someone resembling human instead of robot (at least vaguely), called Juliet, so they go for coffee together. But what the unassumingly  innocent Nate doesn’t know is that she’s  some kind of creepy clothing thief (and more robot-y than we realised), and even more psycho than that – she has weird stalkerish photos of the G-Gang tacked up on her wall, along with a computer screen open to Gossip Girl… has the infamous secret source been revealed? (My guess is not, but hey, that’s just me.)

Finally, onto the final piece in our puzzle, the Chuck. Lily has just found out that… his dead body washed up in Pairs. Oh, no! As in, no, not really. He was shot, and lay dying on the streets of Prague. It was pretty touch-and-go there for a while… we weren’t sure if he was going to make it… but thankfully Fleur Delacour from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was conveniently on the scene to nurse the Bass back to health. Oh, and randomly take him to Paris. Suprise!

That’s all for the gang tonight… see you next time, XOXO


House: The Shipper Wars

April 23, 2010 70 comments

I have to say, I was pretty surprised by my responses to my review of ‘Lockdown’. I received a lot of angry comments about my view of Cuddy that episode, along with many accusations of being a ‘Hameron’ (despite my lack of ever mentioning Hameron) and being told I was too judgemental, bashing Cuddy… etc. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised, because, as many long-time House fans know, “shipping wars” are a huge feature of the show.

 (Before I receive too much hatemail for this, I’d just like to emphasize that this list is what I view to be a very basic chronological order, and only details those relationships which affect House himself.)


The Hilson relationship is often defined as the core dynamic of the entire show. The concept of Hilson is so firmly embedded into the show because from the very beginning parallels were supposed to be drawn between “House” and “Holmes” and “Wilson” and “Watson”, and indeed the entire show is loosely based on the Sherlock Holmes idea. House and Wilson’s “bromance” is dysfunctional and one of the strangest friendships ever seen on television, but the off-beat connection between these two men is staggeringly fascinating to watch. Their witty dialogue, childish pranks, yet poignantly touching scenes really make this shipping pair a truly unique one.

“Hameron”                                                                           Hameron, once one of the largest fanbases in the entire House saga, has a devoted following. The Hameron relationship consists of our show’s anti-protagonist, the gruff, older mentor Dr House, and his young and beautiful yet hopelessly naive colleague. Once the golden “it must happen” couple, the word “Hameron” is now used mainly as an insult towards anyone who displays even a slightly un-Huddy or Cuddy view, despite whether or not they actually support the couple. Despite Cameron’s departure midway through season 6, Hameron fans refuse to give up hope that their “eye sex” defined relationship will possibly one day progress into something more concrete, as Cameron’s exit was a shock felt throughout the House community.


Huddy is undoubtedly one of the current driving forces of the show, and the fascinatingly antagonistic relationship between Lisa Cuddy and Gregory House has always been a core part of the show’s success. As a high-powered career woman, Cuddy is left to deal with House’s illegal, immoral, and sexually harassing antics – which means that the sexual “frenemy” tension between the two is often sizzling with heat. Huddies are currently one of the most vocal and dedicated fanbases, and many agree they usurped the power of the Hameron around season 4, although their chemistry has been present ever since The Pilot and many have been rooting for this ship since the very beginning.

In the beginning the show took a much more Hameron-centred view, exploring the possibility of an amorous relationship between House and Cameron, especially in season 1 with Cameron’s crush. Their obvious feelings of mutual attraction were a completely different feel from the Huddy attraction, with Hameron renowned for its long, intense looks, whereas Huddy more for its witty banter. After roughly three seasons of an on-and-off Hameron focus, the ship eventually seemed to give way to the Huddy arc, which has dominated for the last few seasons, after moving on from a power-play with major sexual tension to a more possible romance. I don’t think Hilson has changed much, as it is solely a brotherhood, and unaffected by House’s romances.

So – are the writers going to continue down the Huddy path? With the departure of Cameron, it seems a distinct possibility, although you never know – fans could get sick of Huddy if they get too happy or boring. Many fans already feel that the writers have made Huddy more into a childish soap-opera, while others feel it is only just starting to reach its full potential.

Thoughts? Who do you support? Who do you hate? Who do you think is never going to happen? And who do you feel must?

Gossip Girl – SPOILER ALERT – Where’s Jenny…?

April 14, 2010 Leave a comment

According to my absolutely favourite TV-spoiler-God, Ausiello, it seems that Little J will be MIA from Gossip Girl next season.

Apparently it’s for “creative reasons”, and has something to do with the supposedly “major” finale this season – according to a source down by the set: “you’ll see that we’re doing something VERY big with her character.”

So what’s up with Little J? Is she gone forever? Ausiello tells us this is for an “unspecified” number of episodes, which does seem to imply that she’s coming back. But the even bigger question is – will we even care?

Jenny is undoubtedly extremely annoying this season, but I have to say, I’d be surprised if the show were dropping her. (Despite how much I hate that straggly bleach-blonde hair). But speculation about next season aside, what Ausiello fails to report are some of the more, let’s say, unreliable sources spanning the internet about Little J’s “very big” event this finale.

Here is what an anonymous source sent to this website: (

                “Hi, I would just like to inform you that Gossip Girl filmed in my school, St. Francis College.

                “They filmed the season finale over a two day period and used one of the lounges as a waiting room, the school chapel, and a part of the larger lounge as a hospital room.

               ” Eric and Dan were involved in the storyline as well as Serena. I’m positive that it has something to do with a pregnancy because decals were up in the room that they were taping indicating that “so and so” donated a wing to that particular maternity ward.

                “I am 100 percent sure this is the [show] doing that bombshell storyline.”

Thoughts? This could be totally fake, but there is a possibility it’s true – and is it Jenny? This would surely be a big storyline, and the people most likely to be involved in a Jenny-hospital (pregnancy?) storyline would be Eric, Dan, and Serena. And some sort of fiasco landing Little J in the hospital could put her out of action for a few weeks next season… and maybe even make me eat my words after my blind-item pregnancy spoiler speculations.

But whatever the heck is going on, you know you love it. XoXo.